Sign On to Support Universal Health Care in Oregon

We believe all people deserve access to high quality and affordable health care, that our health care system should spend our money on patient care, not administrative waste and that patients should be free to choose their medical providers. Therefore, we support a privately delivered, publicly funded, single payer health care system that assures universal access to comprehensive medical services and contains costs by minimizing bureaucracy. Please join hundreds of other Oregon physicians and health care professionals in calling for publicly funded, single payer, universal health care in Oregon and the nation.  See signers from your city below.

216 signers     January 1, 2014 –April 19, 2018


Lisa McLane, MS III, 4/11/2015 (date signed)


Lindy Dugan,  MD,  Ashland,  Family Medicine 5/21/15

William Southworth, MD, Internal Medicine, 4/24/14

Diana Spade, MD, Anesthesiology, 4/22/14


Joe Yetter, MD, Family Practice, 1/30/14

Baker City

Barbara Tylka, MD, General Surgeon, 5/28/14


Gail McClave, MD, Family Practice, 1/30/14


Yuriko Lee, FNP, General Medicine, 1/30/14

Roger Leverette, MD, Internal Medicine, 3/11/14


William Herz, MD, Psychiatrist, 4/22/14

Darin Vaughan, MD, Pediatrics, 3/20/2014

Robert Mitchell, 9/7/16


Hank Elder, MD, Psychiatry, 1/30/14

Central Point

James Hall, MD, Internal Medicine, 3/14/2014

Irene Saikevych, MD, Internal Medicine, 4/24/14

 Coos Bay

Laurie Hamilton, DO, OB/GYN, 4/11/2015

Rick Staggenborg, MD, Psychiatry, 1/30/14


Ellen Pinney, Other HC professional, 4/16/16


Kristen Bradford, MD, MPH, Family Practice and Administration, 10/17/14

Norm Castillo, DO, Family Practice, 1/30/14

Hsichao Chow, MD, Gastroenterology, 1/30/14

Marguerite Cohen, MD, 4/11/2015

Bryce Downey, MD, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 10/15/14

Matthew Evitts, DO, Radiology, 10/15/14

Michael Fortune, MD, Pathology, 11/17/15

Mari Goldner, MD, Internal Medicine, 10/15/14

Nadine Grzeskowiak, RN, Celiac Disease, 1/30/14

Clifford Hall, MD, Internal Medicine, 4/22/14

Lon Hatfield, MD, Family Practice, 8/9/15

Paul Hochfeld, MD, Emergency Medicine, 1/30/14

Usha Honeyman, DC, NP, Family Practice, 1/30/14

Allison Huang, DO, Internal Medicine, 4/23/14

Justin Hull, DO, Internal Medicine, 4/23/14

Tracy Hume, DO, Internal Medicine, 4/23/14

Michael Huntington, MD, Radiation Oncology, 1/30/14

Chinh Le, MD, Pediatrics/Infectious Diseases, 4/14/14

Joshua Lenhof, DO, Internal Medicine, 4/23/14

Eric Leong,  DO, Psychiatry, 6/7/15

Marie Long, MD, Neurosurgery, 6/14/14

Nell O’Malley,  Corvallis, 1/22/17

Pratik Patel, DO, Internal Medicine, 4/23/14

Jason Phillips, MD, Internal Medicine, 11/7/14

Jessica Smith, DO, Internal Medicine, 4/23/14

Thomas Steele, MD, Internal Medicine, 4/23/14

Cosimo Storniolo, MD, Internal Medicine, 1/30/14

Bruce Thomson, MD, Family Practice, 11/8/15

Elizabeth Waldron, MD, Internal Medicine, 1/30/14

John Watson, MD, Otolarygology, 6/13/14

Mark Weiss, MS, Counseling, 7/19/14

Dena Withaus, DO, Internal Medicine, 4/23/14

Joe Zaerr, PhD, Retired, 1/30/14

Erica Zaworski, MS III, 4/11/2015


Mark Brauner, DO, Emergency Medicine, 1/30/14

Monique  Carroll,         Do      Eugene         Pediatrics

Paula Ciesielski, MD, Internal Medicine, 2/18/14

Jaque Davis, PA-C, Gastroenterology Ret’d, 10/18/14

Linda Frison, MD,  Gynecology   5/22/15

Russell Geoffrey, MD, Psychiatry, 5/28/14

Becky Gordon, MD, Psychiatry, 5/5/16

James Allen Johnson, MD, Pediatrics, 2/18/14

Peter Patricelli, MD, Family Practice, 2/14/14

Wendy Saville, MD, Psychiatry, 4/25/14

Dennis Stevens, RN, Nurse, 8/24/16

Frank Turner, MD, Internal Medicine, 1/30/14

James Weber, MD, Pediatrics, 3/20/2014

Forest Grove

Bob Seward, MD, Internal Medicine, 1/30/14

Grants Pass

MaryAnne Habgood, 7/4/17


James Liefeld, 8/16/16

Danielle Currey, ND, Family Medicine, 1/25/17


Anandi Mandi, MD, Pediatrics, 3/24/14

Jennifer Scott, MD, Psychiatrist, 3/20/2014

Hood River

Tina Castanares, MD, 2/14/14

Elizabeth Foster, MD, Family Medicine, 4/22/14

Stephen McClennnon, MD, Family Medicine, 6/16/14

James Murphy, MD, Anesthesia, 3/11/14

Bonnie New, MD, Physician, 5/21/2015

King City

Olivia Kulas, RN, BSN, 9/6/16

Klamath Falls

James Calvert, MD, Family Practice, 4/22/14

Stewart Decker, MD, Family Medicine, 8/11/14

La Grande

Seymour Bronstein, MD, Hematology-Oncology, 5/28/14

Lake Oswego

Martin Donohoe, MD, Internal Medicine/Public Health, 2/21/14


Joshua Strait, DOS3,  4/16/16


George Barker, MD, OB/GYB, 4/11/2015


Carl Griesser, MD, Urgent Care, 3/31/14

Hilary Redden,  MD, Neonatology, 3/11/14


Amber Bacio, Other health professional, 2/14/14


Keith Harcourt, MD, Physician, 4/22/14


Frank Erickson, MD, Radiology, 1/30/14


Charli Clark, MD, Internal Medicine, 1/30/14


Gabriel Aidra, MD, MPH, Public Health, 5/2/14

Sherri Alderman, MD, Pediatrics, 3/8/2016

Kris Alman, MD, Endocrinologist (Ret’d), 4/4/14

Sumeeth Baht, MD, Family Practice, 4/30/14

George Baker,  MD,  Portland, Cardiology,  5/21/15

Sabrina Balderama, 4/16/16

Jennifer Bass,  MD, Pediatrics, 3/23/2014

Richard Bayer,  MD,  Internal Medicine  5/22/15

Judith Beck, 9/7/16

Nick Becker, Naturopathy Student, 10/4/17

Karli Bergheer, Oncology Finance Counselor,  5/15/17,

James Beucler, 9/3/14

Kathleen Birch, RN, Telephone assessment and advice, 3/11/14

Carol Blenning, MD, Family medicine, 3/11/14

Genevieve Buser, MD, Public health, Infectious Disease, 3/8/2016

Marguerite Cohen, MD,  OB/GYN    5/21/15

Nancy Crumpacker, MD, Oncology, 5/2/14

Anthony Cull, MD, Psychiatry, 3/20/2014

Mohamud Daya, Emergency Medicine,  5/22/15

Sumach Devarajan, MD,  Family Medicine, 1/18/2016

Andrew Dilla, MD, Anesthesiology, Portland, 6/15/15

Danielle Dion, MD, OB/GYN, 4/11/2015

Leigh Dolin, MD, Internal Medicine, 2/21/14

Monica Donley, Other HC professional, 4/16/16

Michael Dorson, MD, Neurosurgery, 5/28/14

Judith Eda, 9/7/16

Karen Erde, MD, Family Medicine, Palliative Care, 2/18/14

Tyler Fanning, Med student, 7/25/15

Robert Florek, MD, Cardiologist, 4/13/17

Julie        Flindt     RN            Primary Care       1/18/2016

Martha Gerrity, MD, Internal Medicine, 4/22/14

Barbara Gicking, PA, Neurosurgery, 4/24/14

Nick  Gideonse MD, Family Medicine, 1/18/2016

William Greene, MD, OB-GYN, 4/22/14

Paul Gorman, MD, Internal Medicine, 1/30/14

Chris Hatlestad, MD, Family Practice, 3/20/2014

Kimberlynn Heller, DO, Obstetrics/Gynecology  5/22/15

Holly  Herrera RN,  Family medicine, 1/18/2016

William Holden, MD, Pulmonary, 4/23/14

Colleen Howard, MD, Family Medicine 1/18/2016

Emily Jacobsen, PA,  Family Medicine1/18/2016

Lawrence Jones, 9/7/16

Meena Kannan, MD, Neurology, Portland, 9/8/15

Freda Kerman, MD, Infectious Disease, 7/9/14

Barbara Kerr, Other HC professional, 4/16/16

Jaspreet Khangura, MD, Internal Medicine, 2/24/14

Jason Kroenig-Roche, MD,  Family Medicine, 1/18/2016

Edna Kung, MD, Gynecology, 3/20/2014

Charles Kuttner, MD, Psychiatry, 5/5/14

Chang Lee, MS1, 3/8/2016

Hubert Leonard, MD, Ph.D, Neurology, 2/14/14

Louis Libby, MD, Pulmonary, 3/11/14

Judith Lienhard, RN, 3/11/14

Diane Lucas, M.D., PhD, 9/7/16

Katy McFadden, 4/16/16

Peter Mahr, MD, Family Medicine, 1/29/14

Luis Manriquez MD   FM/PM  1/18/2016

Camilo Marquez, MD, Psychiatry, 1/30/14

Vanessa McKiel, MD, Family Medicine, 5/28/14

Jeff Menashe, MD, Med Onc, Hematology, 6/25/14

Sam Metz, MD, Anesthesiology, 1/30/14

Carol Most, RN, Nurse Practitioner, Retd.,  6/8/16

Emily Myers MD, Family Medicine, 1/25/16

Frank and Dawn Nowak, RN, OB/GYN, 11/29/16

Eugene Nicholson, MD, Pediatrics, 3/21/2014

Leslie O’Meara, MD, 4/11/2015

Erika Onishi, MD, 1/18/2016

Brian   Park    MD    Family Medicine & Preventive Medicine 1/18/2016

Meredith Peake, MD, Pathology, 5/28/14

Lynda Peel, MD, Internist, 4/10/14

Rachael Postman FNP     Family Practice  1/18/2016

Kerry Pulliam, MD, Family Medicine, 4/22/14

Sarah Present, MD, Family Medicine, 3/8/2016

Asad Qalbani, MD, Psychiatry, 3/20/2014

Karen Riche, RN,

Annie     Robb  RN    Primary Care; Transitions of Care  1/18/2016

Hector Roche, 4/16/16

Ken Rosenberg, MD, Public Health, 6/17/14

Martin Salinsky, MD, Neurology, 4/30/14

Elizabeth Sheppard, MBA, Clinical Research Administrator, 9/28/14

Michael Siegel, MD, Radiologist, 4/4/14

Stephen Scheie, RN,  ret’d, 4/16/16

Rebecca Spain, MD, MSPH, 4/11/18

Sonia      Sosa        MD          Family Medicine                 1/18/2016

Joseph Stenger, MD, Palliative Care, 6/3/14

Craig Stephens, MD, Family Medicine, 5/2/14

Krenie Stowe, MD, Pediatrics, 2/6/17

Nancy Sullivan, RN, CNM, midwife,  ret’d, 4/16/16

Alison Takeo, FNP, Women’s Health, 11/22/17

Will Taylor, MD, Family Medicine, 5/28/14

James Thayer, MD, Addiction Medicine, Portland, 6/3/15

John Thiemeyer, Patient Advocate, 2/21/14

Fanning Tyler, Medical Student, 7/25/15

Gene Uphoff, MD, Family Practice, 1/30/14

Marie Valleroy, MD, Physician, 4/22/14

George Waldmann, MD, Family Medicine  5/23/15

Maggie Wells, MD, Family Medicine  2/12/16

Betsy Zucker, RN, FNP, Nurse, 4/24/14


Daniel Murphy, MD, Family Practice, 3/23/2014


Darryl George,  DO,  FP,  5/21/15

Sandesh Pandit, MD, Sports Medicine, 10/5/16


Elizabeth Bjornskov, MD, Neurology, 3/20/2014

Deborah Carlson, MD, Child Psychiatry, 10/14/14

M. M. Cassim, MD,  Surgeon,  2/14/14

Cynthia Gaffney, Other health care professional, 5/24/16

Chris Goeser, MD, Radiology, 1/30/14

Dorin Kemmerle, MD, Pediatrics, 3/20/2014

Cindy Kimball,  4/16/16

Caroline King-Widdall,  MD, Family medicine  5/26/15

Mary Vorachek, MD, Internal Medicine, 4/22/14


Michael Grady, MD, Family Practice, 6/15/14

Antonio Germann MD, MPH, Family Practice, 6/10/17


Joseph Bachtold, D.O., M.P.H., Family Medicine 5/21/15


Bruce Harrow, MD, MSPH, Geriatrics/Hospice, 3/20/2014


John Silver, MD, Pulm/CCM, 4/22/14


Harold Niblick, Social work, 4/16/16

Shelby Riddle, Health Care Professional, 3/6/17

Patty Lofgren, Educator, Family Practice, 4/16/16


Bridget Wolfe, 3/14/2016


Barbara Davis, RN, ICU, 9/13/2015

West Linn

Rosemary Tobiga, 10/6/14

Richard Beam,  MD,  5/23/15


Joe Eusterman, MD, Internal Medicine, 1/30/14

Washington State  

Rose Robison, RN red, (Ridgefield)

Troy Dillard, MD, Endocrinology, 5/31/14 (Vancouver)

James Patterson, MD, Pulmonary (Ret’d), 5/2/14 (Vancouver)

California  (Gilroy)

Pamela  Guerra,   Gilroy   5/26/15